Kinesisk Akupunktur i Århus

Tinnitus (øresusen) er ofte meget forstyrrende til den person der lider af det. Tinnitus kan forekomme på enten et eller begge øre, og den eller de lyde personen hører kan have forskellige frekvenser (pitch) og intensitet (styrke) Der er flere årsager til tinnitus: Den mest sandsynlige årsager er støjeksponering som eksplosioner, og fyrværkeri. Mere langvarig støj, som på arbejde, arbejde på bar eller udendørskoncerter kan være årsagen. Længerevarende brug af forskellige slags lægemidler eller hovedtraumer, kan også udløse tinnitus, og ikke mindst opstå uden en påviselig årsag. Tilstanden er mere udbredt blandt personer, hvor den også forekommer i den nære familie. Cirka 90 % personer med tinnitus hår også en hørenedsættelse. Desværre er behandlingsmulighederne små og ikke særligt effektive. Akupunkturbehandling er ifølge nogle undersøgelser en positiv indvirkning på tilstanden, og da vi har positive erfaringer med akupunkturbehandling mod tinnitus, udførte vi vores eget selvfinansieret videnskabelige forsøg, hvor behandlede 60 tinnitus patienter på 3 forskellige måder. Undersøgelser og interviews med patienterne 1 måned efter afsluttet behandling, blev sammenlignet med undersøgelserne før behandlingen. Her fandt vi at akupunktur med elektriske stimuli reducerede hyppigheden og graden af tinnitus hos op mod halvdelen af patinterne der modtog denne behandling, og patienterne beskrev deres livskvalitet som forbedret. Selv om antallet af patienter i vores forsøg var relativt beskedent og med en kort observationstid, mener vi at resultaterne giver anledning til en vis optimisme. Vi vil anbefale denne behandlingsform til tinnitus patienter, der ikke tidligere har prøvet akupunktur med elektriske stimuli. Behandlingen varetages af enten dr. Kelun Wang eller doctor Sven Bugge. Der vil blive givet en egentlig behandling i 6 uger. Forbedres tilstanden efter 6 uger fortsættes behandlingen indtil der ikke forekommer yderligere forbedringer. Er der ikke nogen bedring i tilstanden efter 6 uger stoppes behandlingen. Har du spørgsmål eller ønsker en konsultationstid, er du velkommen til at kontakte os.

Akupunktur i Århus

Tinnitus, to a greater or lesser extent plagues 17 percent. of Danes can be cured by acupuncture. It is shown by a research project conducted by the Aalborg doctor Sven Bugge and Chinese researcher Kelun Wang. Tinnitus is a stressful and uncomfortable disorder that manifests itself in unprovoked noises in the ear, ranging from tinnitus to crack or sound like bells, no. Kelun Wang, who has a background in dentistry and is an expert in facial pain, work daily with projects around pain relief at Aalborg University's Center for Sensory-Motor Interaction. In addition, he has a couple of years as a side job working with acupuncture in Sven Bugge practice Hasseris known for traditional therapies, including also gold treatment for osteoarthritis. Since acupuncture seemed to have a beneficial effect on tinnitus patients, Sven Bugge and Kelun Wang agreed that it would be interesting to conduct a real research project. With a modest, but prompt, grant of 35,000 DKK from Tinnitus Foundation established the project and obtained permission from the Science Ethics Committee to implement it. Sven Bugge says with a wry smile that he did not seek money elsewhere because it can often take as long to raise money for a science project, as it takes to implement it. 60 patients the necessary number of tinnitus patients were found through advertisements in newspapers. To get 60 people who met all criteria for participation in the project should be called a somewhat larger number of initial interview, but we ended up with 60, which by lot was divided into three equal groups receiving either type of treatment . 20 received acupuncture, which was added a slight electrical current to the needles, 20 received acupuncture without power, while the remaining 20 got what doctor Sven Bugge describes as "cheat-acupuncture." That is, the needles enough to be felt by the patient as a small dot, but that the needles do not go down to a depth where they could have an effect. It was the Science Ethics Committee, which had demanded the control group, although Sven Bugge was against it. When you stick with acupuncture needles, it has always some effect, but the problem he decided to avoid by not "poke right." There is no medical or surgical treatment that works against tinnitus. Kelun Wang and Sven Bugge It therefore high expectations of acupuncture as a future cure for the disorder. The selection of acupuncture points in the project came from the Chinese rules of acupuncture against ear and hearing loss, but because of the numerous nerve connections in the face, which is related to the inner ear, there are no fully-fledged recipe precisely against tinnitus. New life Bugge's and Wang's project was within the bounds of any statistical uncertainty that acupuncture has an effect. In the group receiving electrical stimulation through the needles, saw half of their tinnitus had disappeared or significantly reduced, and they described their quality of life clearly improved. The group who received needles, but no electricity, also experienced an improvement, but not as powerful as the first group and in group 3, the placebo group, there was, as expected, no effects to track. While the project showed acupuncture effect on tinnitus, gave the study large amounts of new knowledge about the disease, its background and impact. It could be stated that tinnitus nearly always, in 90 of cases, is accompanied by hearing loss. Only 10 percent have tinnitus, but normal hørelse.l It appeared further that half of the patients had their disease for work in jobs with much noise. More than a quarter had consumed drugs that can cause tinnitus. In one quarter it is very likely that there is a hereditary disposition behind or social circumstances have played a role. In 12 per cent, it is a noise trauma, ie a sudden impact such. by fireworks, shooting without ear plugs, or stay close to the speakers at a Green Concert, which has triggered tinnitus. In 10 percent of the cases, the disorder caused by blows to the head. Remember earplugs Kelun Wang believes that special the first point should give pause for thought for people who work in noisy companies. - You must never forget hearing protection, he says. - Although you might not feel uncomfortable with the noise, one can at a longer exposure incur tinnitus. Sven Bugge adds: - People should also think about a recurring consumption of aspirins may well lead to tinnitus, which does not stop because you put the medicine on the shelf. The two researchers believe that their project can be seen as a pilot project that should be followed by a second, larger project involving more patients and the involvement of several aspects of the disease. - If we could get resources for it, we might well find to do it myself, but otherwise it should be a large scale under the auspices of a hospital audiology department and a large patient base.