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Hvad er et godt helbred?

Når man traditionelt bedømmer, hvorvidt en person er rask eller ej, sker det ofte i forhold til om vedkommende har håndgribelige forstyrrelser eller sygdomme og i forhold til om laboratorieprøver er normale. Med den udvikling der sker indenfor lægevidenskaben, bliver det stadig tydeligere, at sundhed ikke alene kan vurderes ud fra biologiske kriterier. I WHO’s definition af sundhed hedder det ”sundhed er ikke udelukkende defineret i forhold til fravær af sygdom og lidelser, men også i forhold til individets fysiske, psykiske og sociale velbefindende”.

(Akupunktur i Århus )

Akupunktur i Århus og randers og hobro

Et nyt begreb indenfor lægevidenskaben – Sub-health

Sub-health is defined as a poor state of health, midway between health and disease. The condition manifests itself both the physical and emotional level. On the basis of WHO's global study has shown that only 5% of world population can be described as healthy, 20% suffer from medically diagnosed diseases, and the remaining 75% are in the WHO defines as "gray zone" between to be healthy and sick. People in this gray area does not suffer directly from diagnosable illnesses, but they are not healthy. They are in a sub-state of health. Since the sub-health is a very new concept in Denmark, there is still no official translation, but we will then choose to name the poor wellbeing. Failure to thrive, a body signal associated with the disease. If the condition is not taken seriously, it will lead to a gradual physical and mental deterioration. If the state contrary properly treated, the body will return to the healthy state. Experts believe that poor job satisfaction easily can cause tumors, heart / circulatory disorders, respiratory problems, digestive disorders and metabolic problems, which slowly develop into diagnosable disorders. If you do not do something about the problem when one notes that you suffer from poor wellbeing, the disease in question could easily develop. Therefore, research in poor welfare as an important part of this century's scientific, biological research.

(Akupunktur i Århus /randers og Hobro)