Kinesisk Akupunktur i Århus

Traditionel kinesisk medicinsk teori for Fordøjelse

In traditional Chinese medical theory, the Spleen is the key organ involved in gastro-intestinal tract. Spleen has primary responsibility for "transforming" and "transporting" food essence in the body, including the elimination of waste. Spleen and Stomach are Yin / Yang partners, and each can develop characteristic problems. The spleen has to be something moist in order to function well, but if it becomes deficient in Chi, it becomes overwhelmed by moisture, and a pathological condition of Dampness (or damp heat) can settle in the body. Maven, on the other hand should be on the dry side to function well, and when its balance is upset, it can easily overheat, and a painful condition of Stomach Fire can develop. Other agencies, particularly the liver, may also contribute to gastrointestinal distress. The four most common patterns seen when gastro-intestinal problems are differentiated as follows: Spleen Chi Deficiency, which is caused by chronic fatigue or chronic illness Damp heat insulation, which is caused by improper diet, environmental factors, or infections, disharmony in liver and spleen, which is caused by emotional disturbances and spleen and Kidney Yang Deficiency, which is caused by chronic illness or old age. To address these imbalances, Chinese medicine commonly uses acupuncture, herbal medicine and moxibustion. When used properly, these rules balance Yin and Yang, harmonize Chi and Blood, nourish the bodies and remove damp heat.

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Akupunktur i Århus og randers og hobro

Tilstande, der reagerer godt på akupunktur, Moxibustion, og urtemedicin omfatter:

gastrointestinale infektioner såsom virus infektioner fra rotavirus bakterielle infektioner fra salmonella, Shigella eller Escherichia coli inflammatoriske sygdomme som kronisk gastritis, atrofisk gastritis, kronisk enteritis og gastroenteritis mavesår, såsom sår på tolvfingertarmen og mavesår omløb problemer i mave-tarmsystemet såsom mave-tarmkanalen blødninger og tarm kramper gastrointestinale tumorer såsom mavekræft, tumorer i tyndtarmen, eller tyktarmskræft inflammatoriske tarmsygdomme, såsom colitis ulcerosa og Crohns sygdom og andre forhold såsom irritabel tyktarm og korte tyktarm.

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